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Join a dynamic team setting where you’ll play alongside 4-7 players who match your skill level. Simply have one member book the group’s session through our user-friendly scheduling tool. Payments can be easily made at each session via Venmo or directly on our website here.

Why Choose Us?

Get ready to elevate your game under the expert guidance of our certified pickleball coaches who have a proven track record in turning novices into seasoned players. Our group training sessions are not just about the numbers; they are tailored experiences designed to offer you personalized attention, ensuring your technique and strategy are on point.

Training Philosophy:

We swear by the motto “perfect practice makes perfect.” Our coaching approach focuses on instilling a strong foundation of essential skills while simultaneously sharpening your advanced techniques and strategies. Your aspiration to become a strong 4.5, 5.0, or even a pro player is our ultimate goal.

Before You Begin:

If you haven’t already, make sure to complete your individual skills assessment here to ensure you’re placed in the right training group.

How to Schedule Your Group Session:

  1. Locate your assigned group number (e.g., Group 1, Group 2, etc.)
  2. Use the calendar below to book your upcoming 4 sessions.

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