CHAMPIONS PLUS – A Performance Enhancing Pickleball Event

Coaches Corner is super excited to unveil its first ever CHAMPIONS PLUS – A Performance Enhancing Event, and you’re invited!

Here’s the short summary…

  • Five Skill Divisions (3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0)
  • Eight Teams per Skill Division
  • Four Players per Team (2 females, 2 males)
  • Four Champions Plus Matches guaranteed (2 hours each)
  • One Champion Team
  • Three Skill Development Clinics guaranteed (2 hours each)
  • One 15 minute Skill Assessment video recording
  • One Champions Plus t-shirt

Step 1: Schedule your skill assessment

Step 2: Attend your scheduled skill assessment

Step 3: Receive your skill assessment rating and video recording

Step 4: Provided that a spot is available based on when you scheduled your assessment, register for the entire event 

If this is all the information you need, schedule your skill assessment, click here and, register for the entire event.

Or, keep reading for all the nitty gritty details about the entire event…

Match Format = 5 games to 21, rally scoring, freeze at 18, win by 2

Game 1 = Singles, all 8 players, four rally rotation

Game 2 = Mixed Doubles One, two teams of two each

Game 3 = Mixed Doubles Two, two teams of two each

Game 4 = Women’s Doubles, two team of two each

Game 5 = Men’s Doubles, two teams of two each

Group Play for Championship Saturday Seeding

Group A = Team 1, Team 2, Team 3, Team 4

Group B = Team 1, Team 2, Team 3, Team 4

1st Saturday – Group Matches

A1 v A2, A3 v A4, B1 v B2, B3 v B4

2nd Saturday – Group Matches

A1 v A3, A2 v A4, B1 v B3, B2 v B4

3rd Saturday – Group Matches

A1 v A4, A2 v A3, B1 v B4, B2 v B3

Point System

  • Total points scored for all five games
  • Four bonus points for each game won

4th Saturday – Championship Matches

1st Team A v 1st Team B (1st / 2nd)

2nd Team A v 2nd Team B (3rd / 4th)

3rd Team A v 3rd Team B (5th / 6th)

4th Team A v 4th Team B (7th / 8th)

  • All five games are played (same as group matches) although the order of the games reverse such that Game 1 is Men’s Doubles, Game 2 is Women’s Doubles, Game 3 is Mixed Doubles One, Game 4 is Mixed Doubles Two, and Game 5 is Singles
  • If one team wins the first four games, then the team that lost the first four games can win the match if they win the fifth game by a 6 point differential
  • If one team wins three of the first four games, then the team that only won one of the first four games, can win the match if they win the fifth game by a 4 point differential

Saturday Match Schedule (5/13, 5/20, 5/27, 6/3)

10am – 12noon = 3.0

12noon – 2pm = 3.5

2pm – 4pm = 4.0

4pm – 6pm = 4.5

6pm – 8pm = 5.0

Skill Development Clinic Schedule (5/15 – 6/2)

Monday 6pm – 8pm = 3.0

Tuesday 6pm – 8pm = 3.5

Wednesday 6pm – 8pm = 4.0

Thursday 6pm – 8pm = 4.5

Friday 6pm – 8pm = 5.0

Team Selection

  • This is a mix ‘n mingle format and so teams will be formed by randomly “drawing names out of a hat” 
  • No favoritism
  • No drama
  • Lots of fun
  • Meet and make new friends

Note: If after your skill assessment, a spot in your skill division is not available based on your position in line, you’ll be “first in line” for the next event.

Ready to secure your spot?

Always for the champion in you!

The Coaches at Coaches Corner PB

Bryon, Jordan, Lynn, Bob, & Shawn

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