Coaches Corner: From Humble Beginnings to Pickleball Powerhouse

Coaches Corner Pickleball is now a one-stop resource for everything related to pickleball, offering private training programs, equipment, coaches, and more to help athletes at all skill levels improve their game. But the story of Coaches Corner started with a small group of dedicated athletes who wanted to improve their skills and share their passion for the sport with others.

The Coaches Corner founders started by analyzing the top 20 men and women professional athletes, creating a statistical engine called Side-Line-Coach to capture key performance analytics for real-time advice during timeouts. This demonstrated their commitment to understanding and mastering the strategic side of the game, but they didn’t stop there.

Driven by a desire to improve their own game, the founders created a simple app to support their group of athletes in their 5:00 a.m. “King’s Court” style of play. This community outreach app assigned participants to specific courts based on overall winnings, player ratings, attendance, and performance analysis in real-time using specific algorithms. Starting with just 20 athletes, the program grew to over 150 pickleball enthusiasts in a few months. The app is now used all over America by a King’s Court organization, encouraging the growth of the sport on a larger scale.

What sets Coaches Corner apart is their passion for helping others improve with a unique and proven pedagogical approach. All certified coaches must be able to play at a high level and “walk the walk, not just talk the talk.” In a rather unique requirement, coaches and players must memorize the first six lines of a poem by Edgar Guest titled “I’d Rather See a Sermon, Then Hear One Any Day.” This requirement aligns as a metaphor for skill development, one of their many fascinating success elements.

Coaches Corner’s dedication to helping athletes at all levels improve their performance through a constantly improving and highly academically-based approach to skill development has a proven track record of taking amateur talent to high-level performance in record time. They invite their athletes who have achieved a 4.5 ranking across over eight demanding skills to use video analysis and their proprietary “DataPickler” software to break down professional match performances.

Coaches Corner Pickleball owes its success to two dedicated athletes who believed in going all-in to achieve their goals. They understood that to become truly great, they needed to learn from the best, not just from those who were merely good. Through countless hours of statistical analysis and working with professional athletes, they developed a step-by-step process for rapid skill development. Their commitment to mastering the strategic side of the game led to the creation of innovative tools like the King’s Court app, The Volley Zone, and the DataPickler software. Coaches Corner has become a one-stop resource for improving your pickleball game, offering scientifically-based skill development, personalized coaching, and a passion for helping others succeed. With their focus on walking the walk, Coaches Corner has become a driving force in the pickleball world, helping players of all skill levels achieve their goals.

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