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Pickleball vs. Table Tennis

I am not sure I fully agree with Dr. Amen. We all know that pickleball is more accessible and easier than ping pong to master, thus increasing its popularity and growth worldwide. Also, I can’t play ping pong anywhere I go, but I can carry a paddle and pickleball and hit on any wall and flat surface to practice my scales. I can even take a Volley Zone  with me and I can play effective pickleball games anywhere, anytime.  Have you ever tried to carry on a ping pong table with you on a plane?

Dr. Amen explains that ping pong is better than pickleball because the nature of the game and its affects on the brain. Now that might be the case if it wasn’t for Coaches Corner providing to its athletes access to astounding technology that exercises the brain and is proven to dramatically increase eye hand coordination, balance, and motor skills. The technology is used by professional athletes worldwide (including the #1 pickleball player), health care professionals working with the elderly, the military, and a myriad of other customers. It is technology that Coach Geddes will announce to the public soon and it will be available to close the gap that Dr. Amen is describing.

One In The Same?

Dr. Amen describes all the dynamics of ping pong that are good for the player. I have very little experience with table tennis but I am always striving to be a better pickleball player and what he described about table tennis I have experienced at the higher levels of play and competition. Dr. Amen describes table tennis as a lot of spin, a lot of thinking, aerobic, fast ball and reflexes, strategy…sounds familiar doesn’t it? So, I guess Dr. Amen may be right? Table tennis might be a better game in some ways, but all things considered pickleball is superior, mainly because we can get outside and play in the sun and the early mornings or evenings. And we all know the benefits of fresh air and vitamin D.

Well enough of my extolling the benefits of pickleball for health reasons. I think Dr. Amen made a good case why we should work into our schedule a healthy dose of pickleball play every week. You know, doctor Orders. How do I get a prescription to play more pickleball and justify metal health leave from work?

Total Agreement

One thing that I totally agree with, “Get a Coach, get good, rehabilitate your brain…”  You heard the good Doctor. We at Coaches Corner have you covered. If you are not a fan yet, check us out and we´ll help you live longer and have a ton of fun doing it.

Peace, Love, Pickleball


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