Pickleball Youth Clinic at F5 Athletics:Timeline

Youth Clinic
April 12th, 5-9:30 pm

Check-in & Welcome to F5 Athletics

  • Checkoff from Pre-Registration w/ I.D. From Assessment at Expo
  • Assign Court to do placement assessment if not available from Expo

A Collaborative Moment
in the Coaches Corner!

  • Intro to the Team
  • “Perfect Practice” (Starting with an anecdotal story!)
  • The 90 and The Box (Volley Zone)
  • Court IQ: From Net to Backcourt!
  • Winning the Game! (A Statistical Analysis)
  • It’s the 1st Game” myth (The Warm-up!)
  • Demos: Dinking, Dropping, Mid-Court (Uncle Rico!)
  • The Importance of Stats!
  • Coaches Corner Assessment (Body and Mind!)
  • The purpose of a detailed Assessment
  • The Science of Individualized Education and Rapid Progress: Making it fun! (Individualized Absorptive Capacity)
  • Diet
  • Mental Muscle
  • Stretching
  • Spaced Repetition (A Metaphor w/ Poetry)
  • Gamifying

Skill Level Division

  • Complete all remaining students on Court 6


Break-out Coach Court Assignments!

Court 1: Jordon White

Court 2: Lynn Bernhard

Court 3: Shawn Carter

Court 4: Louie Theriault


Court 7: Matt Viner

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