The Pickleball Power-Up: Singing Your Way to Mental Mastery

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Unleashing Mind Power: Mastering Mental Focus for Optimal Pickleball Performance

Game-Changing Thoughts for Pickleball Athletes


When you’re battling it out on the court at the highest levels of pickleball (4.5, 5.0, and professional levels), it’s not just about the power of your serve or the precision of your return. The real match is being played in your mind. At Coaches Corner, we understand the gravity of the mental game, and we’re committed to helping you gain control over it using the most scientific and proven methods.

From optimizing health and nutrition with the latest technology (including individualized blood tests and hair analyses), to enhancing your hand-eye coordination, reaction speed, visual acuity, and other brain-training skills through Senaptec, we’re in your corner, cheering you on every step of the way.

While deep diving into the world of mind control, we stumbled upon a fascinating find – a children’s song penned by Marilyn Price Adams. The song encourages the listener to think positive thoughts, essentially teaching them to “change the actors on the stage of their mind” – CONCENTRATE, if you will! You can check it out here: LINK

When you’re battling it out on the pickleball court, this song rings remarkably true. We’ve always emphasized the importance of a mental “reset” for our athletes. Whether it’s an unforced error, distracting crowd antics, a disputed call by opponents or referees, we coach you to keep your mind’s stage clear and focused on the game. Through techniques from deep breathing exercises to logic puzzles, we customize your training to ensure you’re tournament-ready.

And sometimes, the most straightforward ideas yield the most impactful results. With that in mind, we’ve modified the lyrics of Marilyn Price Adams’ song to give it a fun pickleball spin. Think of it as your new mental power-up, designed to get your mind in the game and a smile on your face.

Enjoy our version of “Hum Your Favorite Hymn”!

  1. If in a match you ever find, Your mental peace in question, Or a bad shot comes to your mind, Then here’s our fun suggestion.[Chorus] Just hum your favorite hymn, Sing out with vigor and vim, And you will find it clears your mind. Hum your pickleball hymn.
  2. Before an angry word you spit, Remember you’ll regret it, Once it’s out, the game may split, And your opponent won’t forget it.

Enjoy this new pickleball anthem from us at The Coaches Corner. Here, your mind and game get a fun tune-up. We promise it will not only elevate your game but also keep a catchy tune in your head while doing so!

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