The Ten Commandments of Perfect Practice

🏓 Unpacking the parallels between age-old spiritual commandments …
… and the essential principles driving success in pickleball training:
  1. Foundation First: Just as Moses received the Ten Commandments as the bedrock of moral living, in pickleball, it is vital to first establish the basic foundational skills. Skipping this step is akin to building a house on sand.
  2. Continuous Learning: Remembering the Sabbath Day in the biblical commandments is about reflection and constant learning. Similarly, continuous improvement and learning are paramount in mastering pickleball.
  3. Respect Your Limitations: The commandment of honoring your father and mother signifies respecting those who came before you. Likewise, understanding your current level and acknowledging your limitations in pickleball will prevent injuries and pave the way for growth.
  4. Steer Clear of Distractions: Just as “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image” warns against worshipping false idols, a pickleball player should not be lured by flashy, unproven techniques that detract from genuine skill-building mentally and physically.
  5. Do Not Misuse Your Knowledge: Taking the Lord’s name in vain can be paralleled in pickleball by those who misuse their knowledge, mislead others, or act arrogantly based on their skills.
  6. Commitment is Key: Adultery, in the religious sense, is about being unfaithful and breaking vows. In pickleball, commitment to practice, and maintaining discipline is essential. Don’t stray from your commitment to mastering the basics.
  7. Avoid Envy: “Thou shalt not covet” teaches us not to envy others. In the world of pickleball, it’s essential to focus on your journey rather than comparing yourself to others or desiring their success. Remember: Comparison is the thief of pure joy in the journey!
  8. Honesty in Practice: Stealing, in its broader sense, is about dishonesty. As a pickleball player, being honest about your strengths, weaknesses, and progress is vital.
  9. Seek Truth: Bearing false witness is about propagating untruths. Always seek genuine feedback, and be wary of false praise or unfounded criticisms in your pickleball journey.
  10. Balance Ambition and Contentment: “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s house” teaches the value of contentment. In pickleball, while ambition drives growth, it’s also essential to appreciate your current skills and enjoy the game.

Moreover, while Moses received Ten Commandments, The Coaches Corner, in its exhaustive exploration of pickleball nuances, has recognized over 60 critical elements or ‘commandments’ of the game. These are imperative basic skills that every player must internalize. Just as the Israelites transitioned from a state of ‘enslavement’ to ‘freedom’ by adhering to these commandments, pickleball players aim to evolve from a “consciously incompetent” state to an “unconsciously competent” state.

And this is precisely where the indispensable value of a seasoned coach becomes evident. Every penny an athlete invests in training is, in essence, spent on the finely-honed, critically trained eye of the coach. With meticulous attention, the coach ensures strict adherence to these vital elements in each session, acting as a guiding beacon for the athlete. Their expertise and insight help athletes traverse the rigorous path that leads to the coveted 5.0 skill level and beyond. It’s not merely about participating in the game; it’s about advancing with precision and perfection, under the vigilant supervision of a dedicated coach.


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