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  • Other Comparables – $15 Each (Other Sports available, nascar, tennis, etc.)

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At The Coaches Corner, we are continually on the hunt for the best sport science and technology to elevate the performance of our athletes. We are excited to announce two major breakthroughs in our mission: our latest partnership with Senaptec, Inc., and the introduction of Stroboscopic Visual Training (SVT). These developments intertwine perfectly in our pursuit of being the leading name in skill, mental improvement, and overall health and wellness in pickleball.

Senaptec: Committed to Enhancing Human Performance

We are thrilled to align ourselves with Senaptec, a frontrunner in stroboscopic technology. Driven by a mission to enhance human performance through sensory skills, Senaptec brings together experts from various walks of life, including professors, business leaders, Navy SEALs, marketing executives, and bioengineers. Their collective passion for understanding and optimizing the human sensory system is the heart of their innovative solutions.

Senaptec’s technology was initially conceived as a premier human performance solution to aid athletes in honing their skills and gaining a competitive advantage. Through their work, they’ve interacted with athletes and trainers from elite teams worldwide, participating in nearly every type of athletic endeavor. This experience has inspired them to broaden the application of their tools beyond just athletics.

Broadening Horizons: Senaptec’s Impact on Health and Wellness

As Senaptec continues its innovative journey, medical and allied health professionals have been utilizing their technologies to restore vision, rehabilitate concussion, help reverse short-term memory loss, manage Parkinson’s Disease, and even alleviate depression. This expansion showcases how the company’s sensory-focused technologies are not just about improving athletic performance, but also significantly contribute to overall brain wellness.

Introducing Stroboscopic Visual Training

Stroboscopic Visual Training (SVT) involves performing activities under conditions of intermittent vision, aiming to enhance visual and perceptual skills (Wilkins & Gray, 2019). This innovative approach to training has been shown to improve several skills essential to athletic performance, including visual memory, anticipation, and dynamic acuity (Appelbaum et al., 2012; Smith & Mitroff, 2012; Holliday, 2013). This can lead to improvements in player response times, judgement, and focus, all of which are crucial in a sport like pickleball.

In a recent pilot study, elite, youth football goalkeepers underwent a 7-week SVT program. The study found consistent improvements in the goalkeepers’ visual response time at post-test and retention test, underscoring the potential of SVT as a training tool (Wilkins & Gray, 2019). Furthermore, participants in the study reported beliefs that SVT improved their visual and perceptual skills and their on-field performance. Importantly, they also found the training both effortful and enjoyable.

Senaptec and The Coaches Corner: A Winning Combination

We at The Coaches Corner are excited to integrate Senaptec’s innovative solutions into our training programs. This partnership aligns perfectly with our commitment to helping our athletes reach their full potential in the fast-paced and mentally demanding sport of pickleball.

Through the introduction of Stroboscopic Visual Training (SVT), we aim to offer our athletes the opportunity to hone their perceptual skills, sharpen their focus, and improve their reaction times. The combination of Senaptec’s state-of-the-art technology and our commitment to athletic excellence will enable our athletes to elevate their game to new heights.


As we embark on this exciting new partnership with Senaptec, we look forward to witnessing our athletes reap the benefits and enhance their performance on the court. Whether you’re an athlete striving to improve or an individual seeking to enhance your sensory skills and brain wellness, we’re here to support your journey. The Coaches Corner, in collaboration with Senaptec, is ready to help you unlock your full potential. Together, we see your improvement as our collective victory.


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